Elisa Moro

Junior Project Manager

Social Media Manager

Elisa holds a Law Degree from the University of Verona. She graduated in 2015 with full marks with honors. She is a fully qualified lawyer (Italy) and PhD Candidate in International Law at the University of Verona.

Awarded overseas research scholarships, Elisa has been designated visiting scholar at the Yale Law School in New Haven (2017), PACE University in New York (2018) and University of Dubai in Dubai (2019). In New York Elisa also got a part-time internship at FashionLab showroom dealing with business development and marketing in fashion industry. Elisa worked in Sofia (BG) as e-commerce advisor for an international company in the fashion industry. 

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Elisa collaborates with Paris&Bold since 2020 as Junior Project Manager dealing with law firms’ digital strategies and assisting lawyers in their business development and self-branding with particular regard to the legal design aspects. Moreover, she is Social Media Manager for those lawyers who want to improve their communication and visibility, through market analysis and identification of target groups.

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